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For the love of it

Wow, the first blog post.

A quick bit of history.

To be polite, let me introduce myself. My name is Miles Kitchen and I am a web developer, Dad, husband, greenie and surfer who loves shells, photography and cooking

I started Simply Shells as a side project in 2009. It was borne out of a life long love for the ocean and the beach and I wanted to incorporate this into my day job, a web guy.

I have a great love of nature and the environment, so only wanted to sell beautifull shells that were in abundance, nothing rare or endangered.

Fast forward 5 years

These days I’m a lot busier with my awesome wife and 4 daughters as well as Simply Shells becoming more and more popular. Its a full time business now and I’m really stoked that I’m selling a product I have loved since, well, forever. I used to stroll the rocks as a kid
(when there were no waves) on the wild beaches of Sea Point, Cape Town, just investigating the rockpools and shells that washed up on the beach in the huge storms, and now I’m dealing with and learning so much about the shells. They are fascinating.

As I share these products I’ll also be sharing their stories too, via my newsletters, blog and Facebook. It would be super cool if you popped over from time to time so you can learn more about the fascinating facts and history too, behind every shell.

Very cool to be doing something for the love of it.


PS. I took this photo while strolling the beach on a rough surfing holiday in Sumatra.

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