Clam Candle Medium Citrine #3


Size: 210 x 155 x 75mm


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Medium Clam Candle with 100% soy wax. Burns clean.

Sea Salt fragrance, smells like the beach (we promise 🙂 )

Meaning of Candle: 
Citrine- Stone of Abundance. Attracts wealth, prosperity and success. Raises self-esteem and self confidence. Promotes motivation.
The Clam: Often given as talismans of love the clam represents purification, love and good fortune.

We support local business- our crystals are sourced locally and are of top quality (no fake ones here) Each crystal is unique in it’s size and healing powers.


Disclaimer: Please ensure candle is placed in a suitable and safe location with ample ventilation. Never leave your candle unattended while burning. Do not eat or swallow wax or crystals.


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