Wall hanger mixed shells medium

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Size: 700mm tall x 400mm wide

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Shells and Starfish from Sustainable Resources

Welcome to Simply Shells

Our shop is all about offering beautifull shells and starfish and all things beachy that have been sourced from sustainable resources. We don’t deal in “black market” products and only deal with reputable suppliers who have to adhere to strict customs and quarantine regulations. You won’t find every shell here and we certainly don’t want to sell any endangered  species. What we do sell are common species that are not threatened or protected that are beautifully finished and of the highest quality.

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We deliver to all destinations and pay extra attention to packaging. Everything is sent in boxes and shells and starfish that are extremely fragile have extra’s added in case some are broken in shipping. We also guarantee delivery in perfect condition. We will refund any shells broken during shipping (extra’s are added to very fragile shells and starfish to make sure you get the quantity you paid for).


Did you know?

Collection and trading in seashells has been popular for centuries and shells are even believed to be the first form of currency. Use them for crafting and decorating or give to someone special as a gift. Each shell is unique and will last forever.

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