Decorative Sea Urchins are an ideal compliment to a beach side home or display at events like Weddings and Birthdays.

Take a closer look at these stunning shells and you will see exquisite detailed patterns and a spectrum of colours.

Did you know. Sea Urchins are from the same family as starfish, the echinoderm and both species consist of 5 parts on average. The starfish has 5 legs (most of the time) and the sea urchin shell consists of 5 segments.

We sell a range of common sized urchins, giant urchins and urchin spines. Their colours are all natural, not dyed. As these are a natural product, colours do vary.

There are no minimum purchase quantities, you can buy as many as you need as they are sold individually. Packed with extra special care to prevent damage in transit. As with all our products, if you don’t receive the shell in the condition it left us, we will replace or refund.

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