Frequently Asked Questions

Sheel per kilogram. Date shells are weighed and counted.

Each batch of shells we receive varies in size and weight and as a result the quantity per kilogram varies. As a guide we have included an approximate amount of shells for our bulk shells. This quantity is an average only and we do not guarantee an exact amount for shells sold by weight. The date listed was the last time we counted the shells per kilogram.

This quantity is only updated periodically. Please request a recount if the date is not recent.

Can I pick up my order

We are 100% online based and don’t cater for orders to be picked up at our premises. All orders will be shipped to their destination.

Can I come and view your products

This is not possible. All products available are listed on our website.

Do you offer wholesale prices to businesses

Simply Shells is a retail business and as such does not offer wholesale pricing.

What if my order goes missing or breaks during shipping

We guarantee delivery of your shells in the condition they left us. If an order goes missing or breaks, we will re-send or refund. We do reserve the right to refund instead of resending and this is generally for an order where the cost of resending the item far outweighs the cost of the shells. For example, an order with many products that has one shell broken (that costs $0.60) will be refunded. Should you only order one small shells, we would resend on that occasion. We will on all occasions work with you to make sure you are happy with our decision.

Please explain what you mean by sustainably sourced

We only deal with reputable and responsible suppliers. Most of the shells are prolific breeders, literally laying 1000s and 1000s of eggs. The quantities we sell are in the hundreds and have no impact on their species, in fact more quantities probably die of natural causes in the wild than we sell.

We don’t deal in rare or endangered species. Just common species that are in abundance. Should an issue into a shell species arise, we will stop selling it. For example, Nautilus shells are now listed as an endangered species. Once our stock on hand is sold out, we will not source any more and delist them from our website.

We do not sell coral, sea fans or giant clams and we never will. We urge anyone interested on those products to make sure they question the origins of the product before buying them. There are still too many businesses selling coral pieces and clams that were obtained illegally. Karma will get them 🙂

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