Nautilus shell pearled tri-cut

Nautilus shell pearled tri-cut

Nautilus shell sizes: 130-145mm and 145-160mm



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Sliced Nautilus shells are now classed as Pre-Cites Specimens and as a result are not suitable for exporting. Customers outside Australia are not permitted to purchase these. Australian customers who purchase these must not export these shells without a valid CITES permit.

Due to the nature of Nautlilus shells, sizes listed are an average guide only and cannot be guaranteed and some imperfections in the shell may be present.

It is common to have chips and cracks in the inside spines of cut Nautilus shells. We cannot guarantee the inside of the shells being 100% perfect. They are generally used to display the outside dome of the shells, with the flat (cut) part being used as a flat surface for which to glue the shell down.

The set includes both side pieces and the centre piece. The outside of the shell has a beautiful glossy pearl finish.



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