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Syrinx Large Aruanus Cream Yellow shell

Cream and yellow Giant Trumpet shell
Shell size: 320 x 150 x 150mm


Available on backorder. Restocking only available in June as no incoming stock for May

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SKU: 2420012


Immerse yourself in the serene echoes of the ocean with the majestic Syrinx aruanus shell. Its imposing size and captivating appearance draw you into a world of coastal tranquility. As you run your fingers over its intricate form, evoking memories of gentle waves caressing sandy shores.

Holding it close to your ear and listen to the echo of the ocean. You’ll feel a true connection to the vast blue expanse.

Display this extraordinary shell in your space as a reminder of nature’s beauty and the soothing rhythm of the ocean. Each glimpse and touch transports you to sunlit shores and salt-kissed air, creating a sanctuary of coastal charm within your home.

Embrace the enchantment of the sea with the Syrinx aruanus shell and let its whispers fill your space with timeless tranquility.

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